She comes in the spring: MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG animated feature is to premiere on March 2.

17 January 2023
She comes in the spring: MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG animated feature is to premiere on March 2.

The most anticipated Ukrainian animated film MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG, produced by Animagrad studio (FILM.UA Group), is set for domestic theatrical release on March 2.

Despite the full-scale war, the studio finished the work on the project at the end of the last year, as it was planned in a peaceful time. So, eventually, in the early spring, the premiere will take place in all Ukrainian cinemas that are available now. 

 'We succeeded in completing the work on the project even though it was not easy. Displaced in different cities and countries, we endured a challenging experience and remained together. And now, we continue to work and do our job that we sincerely love and that people need so much. Mavka — is our Guardian, the embodiment of the Ukrainian character. We are proud to state that her story will be seen worldwide', — comments CEO of FILM.UA Group Victoria Yarmoshchuk

It was a tough decision for the team to release the film this spring, considering that approximately half of the pre-war movie theaters are now unavailable as they are either located on occupied territories or destroyed by shelling. The saddest fact is that many Ukrainians would not be able to attend the cinema physically. However, after its premiere on the big screen, the film will be broadcast on TV and streamed online. 

'We are sure that MAVKA's premiere will become a significant event, as it delivers an emotional message that light always overcomes darkness. This statement has always been included in our film. Still, now, unfortunately, it has become even more powerful and relevant than ever before’, — states Iryna Kostyuk, producer and author of MAVKA.

An extensive theatrical release is to be held in France immediately following the premiere in Ukraine, which is the responsibility of the international giant Universal Pictures Content Group. Further — the premiere will be set in Europe. Also, MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG will premiere across the Middle East and North Africa. So it can be said that Mavka is about to start her worldwide journey. 

'Mavka was created with huge love and attention to the very detail. So many things in terms of development and 3D animation were quite innovative for Ukraine. Indeed, this film was created at the European level. And we can be proud of the quality of our production', shares Egor Olesov, producer. 

Thus, the team worked faithfully on the character of Mavka, which created an unprecedented case of creative collaboration. Three outstanding Ukrainian women teamed up to make the Forest Guardian come to life. Actress Natalka Denisenko voiced the main character, and singer Khrystyna Soloviy sang two official soundtracks. In addition, Prima ballerina of the National Opera and People's Artist of Ukraine Kateryna Kukhar shared with Mavka her plastics, ballet tenue, facial expressions, and gestures.

There is not so much time left before the premiere, so the team can't wait to share with the viewers all the exciting facts about how exceptional Ukrainian animation has been done. Keep up with the latest updates on MAVKA’s official social media pages, Facebook and Instagram.

The film was created with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency (USFA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Theatrical release provided by FILM.UA Distribution and Kinomania.