About the project


Our story is about the magical power of love. That kind of love that enables human nature to find the magic within and reveals abilities and qualities that empower a person to reach beyond possible and to hold against evil and human vice.


Mavka — a soul of the Forest —  faces an impossible choice between love and her duty as guardian to the Heart of the Forest, when she falls in love with a human — the talented young musician Lukash.


The project draws its inspiration from ethnic heritage of Ukrainian literature, Slavic mythology and ancient pagan legends to generate a distinctive style and atmosphere. The heroes and themes elaborated in the story will appeal to adults and children worldwide, but its distinct Slavic spirit and authentic charm will set it apart from anything else in the genre.

With the beautifully crafted unique characters and locations we hope to export the authenticity of rich Slavic culture to the world and translate it into the universal language of animated images. As it is time for the world to discover and explore a never seen before Slavic mythology and heritage.


Alerting on ecology issue. Nature and its well-being  will play one of the significant roles in the setup of the story. As one of the film’s elements meant to support that mission, Mavka’s Forest will be inhabited by endangered species of animals and plants to raise awareness about the extinction problem and the endangered natural habitats.

Promoting Ukrainian and Slavic ethnicity and authenticity. Popularization and worldwide export of the ancient Ukrainian culture, its yet undiscovered uniqueness of folklore and other authentic attributes (traditions, rituals, music, locations, ornaments etc) 

Establishing branded MAVKA STYLE. Creating the want among female audiences "to be like Mavka",  promoting natural beauty and interpreting  the  themes of nature and authenticity in a modern way. Urging to adopt Mavka's philosophy and values, wear Mavka-like clothes and accessories, etc.  This will be reached mainly via fashion industry —  fashion lines of clothes by Ukrainian designers (both for mass market and luxury segment), unique jewellery collections, temporary tattoos, themed fashion exhibitions and shows, etc.

Main character

Mavka, the Forest princess — powerful female character with unique appearance and universal appeal, and has potential to be ranked with such internationally celebrated personages.

Costume design

Established Ukrainian fashion designer Olga Navrotska will be in charge of character’s costumes. Her designs combine elements such as fantasy, national motifs, allusions of beautiful nature and echoes of myths, all of which resonate with the subject of the film and the worlds within it.


Sets and exteriors used in the film are based on real Ukrainian locations, famous touristic attractions: the Carpathian forests, Vilkovo village, Buky Canyon.


Original soundtrack would feature world-renowned Ukrainian composers as well as authentic Ukrainian folk tunes in modern adaptations. Ukrainian ethno-haus band DakhaBrakha and Ukrainian multi instrumental player Maksym Berezhnyak became the first ones to work on film’s OST. 


Genre: fantasy, lovestory, comedy

Run time: 85 min.

Target audience: family

Format: 3D Stereo

Style: 3D animation

Sound: Dolby Digital

Language: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Production: Animagrad & FILM.UA

Producers: Iryna Kostyuk, Anna Eliseeva, Egor Olesov

Director: Aleksandra Ruban

Scriptwriter: Yaroslav Voytseshek

Art-director of the project: Kristian Koskinen

Rights holder: Animagrad (FILM.UA Group)

Status: in development

Delivery date: 2020

Supported by Ukrainian State Film Agency