Ukrainian celebrities are in Mavka’s Forest: who voiced animated characters in the feature MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG

23 January 2023
Ukrainian celebrities are in Mavka’s Forest: who voiced animated characters in the feature MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG

Animagrad studio (FILM.UA Group) unveils a star-studded voice cast for the Ukrainian version of MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG animated feature film in a special video. It features Kateryna Osadcha, Nina Matvienko, Nazar Zadniprovskiy, Oleg Skrypka, Oleg Fagot Mykhailyta, musicians of the ethno band DakhaBrakha and Serhiy Prytula, whose acting career ended following his work on MAVKA. 

MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG animated feature, which is set to be released on March 2, brought together prominent Ukrainian persons, including actors, singers, musicians, and TV presenters. In a new video, viewers will see and hear a notable cast and animated characters from the Forest World and the Human World.

It has finally been revealed that Mavka is voiced by tender Natalka Denisenko, stage, movie and dubbing actress.

Prima ballerina of the National Opera and People's Artist of Ukraine Kateryna Kukhar shared her plastics, ballet tenue, facial expressions, and gestures with the Forest Guardian. Singer Khrystyna Soloviy sang two of Mavka’s songs. It is an unprecedented case of creative collaboration in which three celebrities teamed up to make the animated character come to life.

Former TV presenter and founder of one of Ukraine's biggest charity foundations, Serhiy Prytula, lent his voice to Frol, Kylina's fashion designer. The process of dubbing had finished before the full-scale war. MAVKA became Serhiy's last project in the entertainment industry, after which he ended his acting career. Serhiy got way too deep into a role and immediately came up with tons of jokes for his character in the recording studio, even though his image did not fit Serhiy's image perfectly. 

'Frol can hardly be considered a positive character, but I like this role the way it is because positive characters are always too bland. Here, I had a chance to experiment with personality to make it more complex. Furthermore, my character changes quite a few times over the course of the film. Sometimes he is mean, sometimes — courageous, and sometimes — not who he claims to be. I was happy to finish my career as an actor with Frol', — says Serhiy Prytula.

Musician Oleg Skrypka voiced one of the four Great Spirits — the One, Who Sits in the Rock. Actress and People's Artist of Ukraine Natalia Sumska played the role of the Healer.

Actor Nazar Zadniprovskiy voiced Lesh, and musician Oleg Fagot Mykhailyta performed Uncle Leo. 

TV presenter Kateryna Osadcha has got a fantastic opportunity to voice a few characters at once — a diverse range of Ukrainian women. She had to change the tone of her voice depending on the character she was acting.

Nina Matvienko, singer and People's Artist of Ukraine, told a story at the beginning of the movie.

Musicians of the ethno band DakhaBrakha, Marko Halanevych, Iryna Kovalenko, Olena Tsybulska, and Nina Garenetska joined the dubbing process as well. They are prototypes of animated characters — village musicians who inspired Lucash to believe in himself, so they starred and voiced themselves. Besides, they created soundtracks for MAVKA — an adaptation of the Ukrainian folk song 'Krokove koleso', which is already well-known worldwide, and the original springtime song ‘Vesnyanka’. Also, one more of their song, 'Sho z-pod duba' is played in a movie.

Recently, the team has already announced the part of a stellar voice cast. Artem Pivovarov voiced Lucas, Kylina was starred by Olena Kravets, Ondina — by Julia Sanina (frontwoman of The Hardkiss band), and Hush — The Forest's Noise Keeper — by Mykhailo Khoma (DZIDZIO).

Besides, viewers will hear the unique voice of Marichka Kvitka, a singer, winner of the 12th season of the Voice of the Country singing competition, ethnographer, folklorist, and CEO of the former Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History, whose team provided expert advice to the creative team on the matters related to traditional folk costume. The authentic song 'Garnaya' performed by Marichka Kvitka is played in a movie, which is also a soundtrack for the significant documentary cycle Spadok, dedicated to Ukrainian culture. 

The general media partner of the project is 1+1 channel. The channel shares the project's values and missions, so it provides extensive promo support before the premiere.

Supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency (USFA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The theatrical release is provided by FILM.UA Distribution and Kinomania.

The creative team breaks down each character and the actors who provided their voices on the movie's official social media pages. Join them to go behind the scenes of Mavka's Universe: Facebook та Instagram.