Mavka. The Forest Song at Summer Film Market, Odesa International Film Festival

22 August 2021

16 August, at the ХІІ Summer Film Market of the Odesa International Film Festival, producers of the Mavka. The Forest Song animated feature Iryna Kostyuk and Anna Eliseeva shared the latest news of the Mavka’s Universe and presented exclusive working materials to be in the spectacular movie trailer coming soon. These video materials will be presented at the western media markets and in the US.

The project creators shared that they are now casting celebrities to give voices to the animated characters. The Mavka fans will hear them in the coming trailer to be presented short before the film release. The film’s OST work was announced to have started.

Iryna and Anna also shared the last year’s Mavka main events with the film market participants. For example, 25 February 2021, for the 150th anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka, the teaser trailer was released. Later, the film team presented a backstage of shooting of the Kateryna Kukhar’s moves for animated Mavka video references. For the first time in history a prima ballerina shared her plastique with an animated character.

“Almost everybody here has heard or seen the phrase ‘Follow the Mavchyks’. This is a slogan of Mavka. The Forest World, the loyalty program by our partner Silpo. I guess everybody who has got kids knows about mavchyks and how to collect them. There had been produced about 12 mio of promo products, they were sold out in first two weeks of the campaign! People long for your project. We also look forward to the production completion and the première,” says Iryna.

The Summer Film Market is a major event dedicated to the film industry: for the representatives of cinema theatres, film studios, distributors, film providers, buyers, etc. The first day of the Film Market, FILM.UA Group (that includes Animagrad) together with Kinomania distribution company presented 7 features with over $1 000 000 potential box office each. These include the studio’s show-piece Mavka. The Forest Song. The first day was closed with a themed party ‘Million Worth’ with celebrity friends and partners of the studio.