SOVA x MAVKA: SOVA presents a new magic set of jewels

18 April 2023
SOVA x MAVKA: SOVA presents a new magic set of jewels

Ukrainian animated feature film MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG, produced by Animagrad Studio (FILM.UA Group), teamed up with SOVA jewelry house with the aim to create a new collection inspired by the story of the ancient Ukrainian forest. The collection is available on SOVA's official site.

Mavka Universe harbors a number of hidden meanings, visual codes, and historical, cultural, and ecology messages. These outstanding elements appeal to the broadest audience and inspire Ukrainian brands to create new products.

So the theme of harmonization with nature and authentic elements induced SOVA’s makers to develop a new exclusive line.

The main element of the collection is a magical rune, which embodies the cyclicality of time and changes. This element is shown on the surface of the magical Willow — sacrosanct Heart of the Forest — the source of life. This detail is also featured on the dress of the newly chosen Forest Guardian.

Each jewelry piece is decorated with emerald enamel that glows in the dark and manifests the movie's idea of the victory of light over darkness. SOVA brand used this tool for the first time to bring the story of the Forest to real life.

‘SOVA x MAVKA collab manifests all the sacred values of MAVKA brand, which refer to the preservation of cultural heritage and unique traditions, the victory of light over darkness, and harmony with the environment. As a result, this collection is very deep so that everyone can find these messages that appeal to the one the most’, — states Liudmyla Sova, CEO of SOVA.

The collaboration also features floral motifs that have movable elements and resemble the plants of the Magic Forest. The leaf details are presented both in the jewelry and on its clasps.

The line includes mono-rings, cuffs, rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets covered in white and yellow gold.

Collaboration was conducted with the support of Nerd agency, as they represent the rights of MAVKA brand in Ukraine and abroad.

‘We are happy to make Mavka Universe even broader and watch the result of the brilliant work of our colleagues, thanks to which Mavka’s magic has its place in real life. We are grateful to SOVA for collaboration and their support’ shares Tetiana Ruban, head of Nerd agency, a licensing company, which is part of FILM.UA Group.

Explore more information on MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG’s activities on the official Instagram та Facebook, TikTok, as well as on the website.