Mavka Sweets Got New Exiting Packaging

8 April 2020
Mavka Sweets Got New Exiting Packaging

Lukas company launched a re-styled line of Mavka sweets. The company’s confectioners made improvements to the caramel recipe and the creative department re-designed the packaging using the arts from the upcoming animated film ‘Mavka. The Forest Song’. The re-designed wrapper presents the main female character of the film in four different styles. In April, sweets in the new packaging will be on the shelves of Lukas Sweets and other stores and supermarkets all over Ukraine.

The double-layered Mavka sweets with soft peanut brittle are available in Ukrainian outlets since September 2019. It is sold in eight national retail chains. In the future the company is going to expand the sales geography. Starting from 7 April, these sweets may be ordered from the web-store launched by ‘Lukas’ having their customers at heart. Now one may buy favorite treats while staying home, and the delivery to the nearby Nova Poshta office is free.

The Forest Guardian Mavka has captivated the audience’s attention long before the premiere of the animated film. Bright and authentic image of the forest nymph, created by Animagtad Studio on the basis of the Slavic folklore and the fantasy drama by Lesya Ukrainka, is appealing and dear to Ukrainian audience of all ages.

And even businesses couldn’t resist charming and unique Mavka. Commercial companies do appreciate the potential of the magic world characters for strengthening their own brands. ‘Lukas’ was first among the manufacturing companies in Ukraine to launch a licensed product in the sweets market.

“Collaboration between our brand serves a great example of successful cooperation between Ukrainian manufacturers and Ukrainian cinema. This shows how even before the film is out a successful licensing project can create a connection with the audience. We are happy to see that our partners move beyond and keep improving their products the same way as we keep working on the cartoon,” says the producer of the animated film Iryna Kostyuk.

The palette of tastes of the original Mavka sweets is based on a combination of chopped peanuts, soft caramel and raisins. The new design presents different styles of Mavka in different seasons and plot points of the film. So, the sweets feature four portraits of the nymph.

“The story of Mavka, told by our confectioners, became an exquisite delicacy. For this licensing project we made a new sweet using our special recipe. The characters of ‘Mavka. The Forest Song’ animated film draw attention and bring out good vibes,” - notes the ‘Lukas’ Marketing Director Liudmyla Botalova.

The previous design of Mavka sweets packaging featured six characters of the upcoming film, thus, introducing Mavka, her beloved Lucas and other forest dwellers: Swampy, Mosslings, and Dot puppy, to the audience.

During the Christmas season, the Lukas company produced gift sets in dedicated small suitcases. Every set had a surprise: a temporary tattoo with an augmented reality effect activated with the Mavka AR app. Retail chains bought up all of it at the preorder stage.

The team of Mavka animated film and the Lukas company have other projects and collaborations planned. Follow us on social media for the updates!