Animagrad and Kyiv Book House are to present a series of books dedicated to the future release of animated feature film MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG

27 April 2018
Animagrad and Kyiv Book House are to present a series of books dedicated to the future release of animated feature film MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG

On June 2, under the aegis of Book Arsenal international festival, the creators of MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG animated feature and Kyiv Book House publishing will present a series of books dedicated to the future release of the animated feature film. The series includes a new edition of the enchanting classic verse play The Forest Song by Lesya Ukrainka both in Ukrainian and in English, featuring cover art from the film. There is also a short adaptation of the play for children with illustrations from the animation; and a sketchbook with the film’s characters.

Publication of books with arts from the future film is a good reason for adults to re-read Lesya Ukrainka’s classic and for children to get to know it in an accessible format made especially for Kyiv Book House by a Ukrainian writer and member of National Writers’ Union Tetyana Schegelska.

The original drama is published in two languages – Ukrainian and English – in a single volume. The rights to the English translation was provided by an American theatre director and translator with Ukrainian background, Virlana Tkacz. For the first time in Ukraine, it will be published as a separate book along with the original of Lesya Ukrainka. The translation was made together with American poet Wanda Phipps; and was awarded the prestigious National Theatre Translation Fund Award. Two adaptations of the translated play Virlana Tkacz had staged in New York earning the highest praise from critics.

WWF promoted the use of FSC-certified paper for the publication of books, which resembles the responsible sources.

‘ForestStewardshipCouncil standard is the most effective way to preserve forest biodiversity, to promote the conservation of species listed in the Red List of Ukraine, and at the same time to meet the needs of people in wood. That's why WWF promotes the introduction of the standard among forest users and its popularization among customers,’ says Roman Volosyanchuk, WWF forestry coordinator in Ukraine.

The new edition of The Forest Song and the sketchbook will be published on BIO TOP 3 Next paper. The paper is manufactured using the technologies, which are safe for the environment and certified according to ecological standards.

‘We as Mavka producers have numerously announced the environmental mission of the project, and the decision to publish the books on such paper means specific actions whithin the implementation of this strategy, which were heartily supported by Kyiv Book House,” says Iryna Kostyuk, producer.

Moreover, book sales will become a start of a long-term environmental campaign Home for Lynx initiated by Mavka team and WWF in Ukraine. The rare type of lynx  is preserved by the Red List of Ukraine; its existence in Ukrainian forests is crucial not just for our country but also for the whole Europe. The goal of the campaign is to help the lynx and its cubs survive in challenging contemporary conditions.

5 UAH from each sold copy of the book will be used for researching the population of Eurasian lynx in Polissya. After the end of research works on protection of lynx areas of living will start, with forestries and national parks joining the initiative.  

Home for Lynx campaign will take place before and during the film release; the money will be collected during the launch of all Mavka brand (Universe) formats: books, shows, exhibitions, clothes, jewelry, toys, etc. The funds will also be accumulated on WWF platforms in Ukraine. “Not only finances are important but also the volunteering and raising awareness to preserve forests and rare animal species, lynx in particular. For us, it is vital that the campaign is supported in WWF European office and the countries where Mavka. The Forest Song is to be distributed will also get involved. They will help the lynx just as they helped the panda during Kung Fu Panda 3 release,” says Anna Eliseeva, creative producer.

Just a reminder: Lynx and her cub will become characters in Mavka. The Forest Song and will play a critical role in the plot of the movie.

The presentation of the book series will take place on June 2 at Book Arsenal. The festival will become the first place where the books will be available for purchase; afterwards, they will appear in Kyiv Book House online and offline stores as well as in Auchan supermarket chain.  

Oder the classic version of 'The Forest Song'
Oder version for kids 'MAVKA. The Forest song' (outline)
Oder sketchbook

FYI. Mavka. The Forest Song is the second animation feature made by Ukrainian animation studio Animagrad (FILM.UA Group), now in its pre-production process. The animated feature film is based on a play The Forest Song by Lesya Ukrainka as well as on Ukrainian myths and cultural traditions. The experts of leading ethnography institutions in Ukraine – Department of Folklore Studies in Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Ivan Honchar Museum, and Ukrainian Fashion History Museum – are working with the film crew on the interpretations of Ukrainian myths, legends, customs, rituals and visual culture in a unique animated world of Mavka. DakhaBrakha, a globally known Ukrainian folk band, has joined in to create the film’s soundtrack. Mavka. The Forest Song won the 9th competition of Ukrainian State Film Agency in September 2016 and received state funding amounting to 30 percent of its total budget. The preliminary release date for the animated feature film Mavka. The Forest Song - 2020 year.